Bahla is a London-based 5 piece outfit, breaking new ground with their unique mix of cinematic jazz entangled with Jewish folklore. Formed by Venezuelan pianist Joseph Costi and English guitarist Tal Janes while studying together in London, their meeting un-earthed a sound world of Jewish folk melodies hidden in their memories from childhood, albeit in two different corners of the world. They curiously began researching and learning about the wide spread geography and history of the music, ranging from North-African rhythms, liturgical melodies and yiddish art songs from Russia. Bahla was born to bring their findings to life.

Their debut album Imprints is a collection of 8 songs inspired by different stories of identity, migration and displacement. The music is home to many different influences ranging from Radiohead to Polar Bear and Shai Maestro, but has kept Jewish folk traditions at its core. Across the album, a distinctive palette is underset by a bold and dynamic rhythm section, while radiant vocals – echoing the modal form of Jewish prayer music – rise and fall over searching, delicate melodies on keys and guitar.


Bahla is

Inês Loubet - Voice

Tal Janes - Guitar

Joseph Costi - Piano  

Andrea Di Biase - Double Bass 

Ben Brown - Drums

"Arrestingly different" - MOJO

"Such a delightful mix of influences coming together!" ESKA

'A truly unique and beautiful record' - Line of Best Fit