We're making a music video for our song 'Imprints' which was written about immigration and we love the symbolism of having a keys in the video - Read our Potchka on keys for more information.


We're on the hunt for front door keys: Shiny-Rusty-Broken-Scratched-Old-New (The larger the better!)


1/ Fill out the form and we'll e-mail you a pre-paid postage label which you'll need to print off, attach to an envelope and put it in a post box.


2/ Alternatively, if you are planning to come to one of our gigs, you could give them to us in person (how old fashioned).

Thank you!


You can't see me, through ink and walls,

Well found earth, I'll find you again.

Travel lightly, my home weighs no more than I do,

I'm lost without words, aman, aman.

There's a silence between our moonlit eyes,

Waves outweigh me, my hands are tied.

Past-tense, wrap around me tight,

Past-tense, wrap around me tight.